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If you must resolve your dispute in court: 

You have 3 options in Ohio's court system of 
    where to bring your case

1) Common Pleas Courts of your county (No limit on money damages)
2) Municipal Courts of your city or county ($15,000.00 limit)
3) Small Claims Courts of your county ($3,000.00 limit)

I am licensed to practice in:

All Courts of Ohio;
All Courts of Colorado;
The Federal District Courts for Ohio;
The Federal District Court for Colorado;
The U.S. 6th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals;
The U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals;
The U.S. Tax Court;
The U.S. Immigration Court;
The Supreme Court of the United States.

Are there other options besides court? Click here to find out.


Licensed in all Ohio and Colorado courts
Handled cases in 88 of Ohio's 88 counties
Temporary licenses can be obtained in any state

(Have been licensed temporarily in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, New Jersey)

Please contact our office to schedule a consultation for only $75.00. 


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