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Question:---Do I need to go to court to resolve my dispute or problem?

Answer:---Not always.

Want less expense?  Want it over quickly?  Want less risk?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then rather than court, you may want to use an Alternate Dispute Resolution. Consider:


With an attorney; or
On your own - (We will show you how at the first consultation)


A non-threatening negotiation session with paid, trained mediator
Over in 1 day or less
Less expensive than court
Voluntary participation 
Non-binding result


Mini-trial with real judge or licensed attorney
1 day or less
Still less expensive than court
Get ruling with same force and effect as court-ordered judgment 

Private Judge

Your own private judge with no crowded case docket
Faster than court
Still less expensive
Court-ordered judgment

Please contact our office to schedule a consultation for only $75.00. 

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