Big Misconception by Consumers

There is No 3 Day Cooling Off Period For Most Contracts!

There are a Few Exceptions to This

  • If the Supplier Makes First Contact with You at Your Home
  • Prepaid Entertainment Contract (Health Clubs, Dating Services, Dance Lessons)
  • Federal law may require certain mortgagees permit 3 days to change your mind. If you visit a showroom (for a vehicle, a hot tube or furniture) if you sign, you have bought it.

Should I Read the Contract Before Signing?


  • “Take It or Leave It” Deals as to Price and Most Everything Else
  • On Standard Forms so as not to Permit True Negotiation
  • Are In Small Print
  • Contain Legal Mumbo Jumbo
  • Take too Long to Read Anyway

The truth is that you will not understand everything that you read even if you do read it. Still, you will feel foolish if you later discover something you did not realize was in there. So, at least read the numbers and figures that are filled in all blanks, and read what is right next to them, right above them, and right below them, too.

Know Your Rights

In addition to your legal duty to read, as a consumer, you also have: The Right to Read… And you cannot read unless you have the Opportunity to Read.

  • Is the salesperson going too fast? Slow him or her down. There is no reason to feel dumb.
  • Is the salesperson covering up part of the contract as he or she points to where to sign?
  • Ask what each document is for before you sign.


Read very carefully that which is directly above or below the blank where you are to sign. Make sure that you sign in a co-signer capacity. If the salesperson says that it does not matter, he or she is very incorrect.