Looking for a builder/remodeler?

Want a large company or a small outfit?

A Large Company Brings you Comfort in Many Ways

  • It May Not be Cheaper to Use a Small Builder
  • You Get People who will be Around if Things Break
  • A Warranty with Someone to Stand Behind It
  • A Deep Pocket if Things go Wrong
  • A Reputation to Maintain in a Competitive Market
  • Standard Contracts that are at Least Clear Even if One-Sided

It You Choose a Small Outfit

    • Check them out with the BIA, the BBB, and the Attorney General
    • Insist on a Clearly Typed or Written Contract.
    • Insist on a Selection Sheet if New Build.
    • Negotiate a “Fixed Price” Contract if You Can.
    • If it Must be a “Cost Plus” Contract, Demand Invoices and Time Sheets.
    • Make Sure that Your Right to Invoices, Etc., is in the Contract.

More Tips

If you Use a Lender For A Construction Loan

  • Know Your Lender
  • Insist on Strict Compliance with the Draw Schedule
  • Insist on Strict Compliance with Proof of Payment of Subcontractors

You Will Probably Make Changes

Most people will want a change of color, style or type after construction begins. ALWAYS use what are called Written Change Orders.

    • These are Nothing Fancy – They Can be Handwritten
    • You and Builder Both Sign Them
    • They Details What the Change Will Be
    • They Include the Cost of the Change

Follow Your Instincts – If You Think Something is Wrong, It Probably Is!