Remember the ABC’s of Buying Used Vehicles

  • When you are Shopping or Buying, Your Companion is Your Friend
  • If You Have Been Misled, your Companion is Called a Witness
  • Always Bring a Companion

Before Signing Anything

Always Ask the 3 Most Important Questions in the Presence of Your Companion

  • Has it been wrecked or damaged before?
  • Is the frame straight?
  • Is the odometer accurate?

Used vehicles become the subject of court cases for the above reasons more than for anything other reason. If you have been told “yes” to any of the above AND you find out that it is not true, then you have a good case because whether the seller meant to or not, it just gave you an oral express warranty. This is true even if you sign anything that says otherwise OR if there is a notice on the window or anywhere on the vehicle that says “AS IS” or NO WARRANTIES!

If you have difficulty with a used vehicle purchase, c’mon in and see if we can help you. I’ll bet you that we can especially if you have helped yourself first by remembering the ABC’s of used car buying and asking the right questions.